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Umbrella Walk and Gumbo Gras disclaimer: in the event of cancellation due to weather your entry fee will be consider a donation. You can still come under the pavilion to receive your umbrella day of event. At that point all entered teams will be put into a drawing for prizes drawn at random 


The Umbrella Walk and Gumbo Gras will be cancelled In the event the Audubon zoo closes which is beyond our control.

©2019 by Krewe of Tucks. Proudly created by Ellie Platt. Photos by Penumbra Photos Inc.


All entries to be received by January 15, 2020. To Participate in the Gumbo Gras Cook-off, Team Registration will consist of up to 6 participants for $150.00 during Early Bird Registration* through October 25, 2019

Team Registration will increase to $200.00 October 26th, 2019

Friday, January 24th, 2020

 - Audubon Park open for set up

 - Security will be provided overnight  

 - TIME: All Day

Saturday, January 25th, 2020 - Day-of-Set-Up

Arrival - Between 7-8 AM   |     Gumbo Judging - 11:00 AM 
Teams may begin to set up and move-in between 7 and 8 AM. Doors open at 9 AM for general public. Judging begins at 11:00 AM. Gumbo and serving will being at 11:30 AM

All team captains must check-in with the Gumbo Gras Coordinator, Chrissie Trosclair, upon arrival at the Registration tent. You will be provided with your Team Number, Team Tent Location, Official Serving Bowl for judging, and a Team Issued/Team Numbered Container for the People’s Choice Award Doubloons.

1.  All entries must be completed and ready to be judged by 11:00 AM

2. The ingredients that accompany the gumbo (such as rice or pasta) must be provided by the team, if applicable

3. Each team must minimally cook 4 gallons of Gumbo - Only 1 cup will be required for judging. Gumbo teams must bring their judging cup 3/4 full

4. Gumbo teams can begin cooking once they have checked in with the Gumbo Coordinator and have received their judging cup.

5. Gumbo must to be prepared from scratch (no commercial gumbo mixes) on site day of Cook-off. Roux may be prepared in advance, if desired. All vegetables must be added on site and in raw form, but may be chopped and cut ahead of time.

5A. Proteins may be pre-cooked and/or prepared in any fashion prior to cook-off, if desired.

6. Gumbo must be cooked in the open (no mobile homes, trailers, closed tents etc)

7. Gumbo team will be given a “Team Number” upon entry which will be assigned to your bowl of gumbo upon judging. Make sure your numbers match when it comes time to judging. The head cook is responsible for making sure the judging cup and team number match accordingly

8. Once judging is completed, the gumbos will be given away beginning immediately after judging is concluded at approximately 12 Noon - Please consider brining zip lock bags for people to take home gumbo.

9.  The Team will be responsible for ensuring that the booth/tent is kept clean, during and after the event. Teams are responsible for their own garbage.

10.  Failure to follow these rules will be grounds for disqualification. The gumbo coordinator and representatives of the Tucks Charitable Foundation reserve the right to make additional regulations as situations warrant.

11.  Make sure the gumbo tastes awesome! :-)

Propane stove and fuel, fire extinguisher, cooking pots, serving utensils, tent (no larger than 10x10’), tables, chairs, ingredients and canopy decorations. No ground fires will be allowed, no electricity will be provided. Food permits are not required. Teams are encouraged and will be expected to follow all cleaning in sanitary rules.

Each team will receive a space not less than 10 x 12', Umbrellas for each participant, wristbands for each participant, as well as, serving bowls/cups, spoons and napkins.

-    (1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Gumbo) - Awarded by the people!

Judge's Choice Award

            - Decided by Judge

Best Dressed Team

            - Fun and Festive Costumes are always a hit!

Best Decorated Tent/Canopy

             - Decorate you canopy in a unique and creative manner!

Best Team Name

            - Choose the name the best describes your team and your gumbo. 

            - Creativity will be awarded!